10 Honeymoon Destinations for Couples Who Love the Outdoors

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10 Honeymoon Destinations for Couples Who Love the Outdoors

Betsy Alperin
by Betsy Alperin, Travel Advisor
Luxury Detours

1. Jamaica 

River rafting, fishing in Montego Bay, Cliff jumping in Negril, snorkeling or scuba diving at Runaway Beach. If you’re really adventurous you could even do an underwater wedding!

honeymoon in Mexico

2. Mexico 

Go four-wheeling, surfing, zip lining, fishing, mountain climbing – there are many outdoor adventures to find here. Decide on your activities first, then choose the city in Mexico that offers those activities!

Dominican Republic honeymoon

3. Dominican Republic 

Go river rafting on the Yaque Del Norte River, repel down waterfalls, or try paragliding to get an aerial view of the island.

4. Costa Rica 

Surfing, zip lining through the jungle, rafting, hiking. Basically all of your outdoorsy adventure dreams come true. Costa Rice is an untouched paradise that offers so much from nature and wildlife experiences to culture, you can have a more rustic honeymoon or return from your long days of adventure to luxury accommodations that will not disappoint. 

5. Hawaii 

For a short honeymoon (7 full days or less) stick to one island. Anything more than that, I would hop around to two or even all three islands. Each island is very different and you’ll find this option to be perfect for a combination of relaxation, outdoor adventure, and cultural/historical sightseeing. 


6. Antigua 

Known for its white sand beaches, this is a great place to lay out and relax. You can also go for a sail or go hiking at the Middle Ground Trail – also known as “the goat trail” after the goats that will be hiking alongside you. Antigua is also an ideal spot to go diving to check out the reefs and even shipwrecks.

St. Lucia

7. St. Lucia 

A stunning island where you can hike the Piton Mountains, take a helicopter tour, or take the rainforest aerial tram which gives you a bird’s eye view of the rainforest! One great thing about St Lucia is if you have the time, there are several other islands that are a close hop away giving you the opportunity to explore more than one island during your honeymoon (i.e. Martinique) 


8. Switzerland/Alps 

Great for a wintertime couple who loves to ski/snowboard or during summer for hiking. Explore Zurich for a couple of days while you get acclimated to the change in time zone, then take off for some big-time outdoor adventures in Zermatt, a mountaineering and ski resort in the alps. Next, check out Lucerne with it’s medieval architecture that sits on Lake Lucerne surrounded by snow-capped mountains. 


9. Iceland

This is an awesome location for a super adventurous couple who wants something really memorable and off the beaten path. You can experience hot springs, lava fields, volcanoes, and learn about Viking history. Each season brings its own wonders so it’s important to research the time of year and be sure that you’ll be able to get what you’re going for! I.e. if you want a chance to see the northern lights you’ll want to go between October to April (but keep your expectations in check, even during these times you aren’t guaranteed to see them!), or if you want some warmer weather you’ll want to go between June and August. 

South Africa

10. South Africa 

If it’s always been your dream to go on a safari, now is your chance! You can also take the opportunity to explore the beautiful South African city of Cape Town. While you’re there, try sand boarding at the sand dunes nearby!

Betsy Alperin, owner of Luxury Detours, is a travel advisor that specializes in planning destination weddings and honeymoons around the world. She is based in Austin,TX but enjoys meeting and working with clients all across the US. 

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