8 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Colorado Wedding


8 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Colorado Wedding

Wedding Proximity 

Photo by Nick Sparks

If you are deciding between two different Colorado locations, take a look at the guest list and figure out which option requires the fewest possible car and plane trips. You can also split the travel difference. For example, if you have family coming in from Grand Junction and Denver, a wedding in Breckenridge or Aspen may prove a great middle ground. Your carbon footprint will also be reduced greatly if you encourage Colorado guests to carpool to your wedding.

Heirloom Jewelry

There are environmental and ethical consideration that come with buying new jewelry. There’s no way around it. Try making your wedding day details extra special by incorporating family heirloom pieces. Many family members will be flattered if you want to pick out and borrow a piece of jewelry from them for your special day.

Vintage Wedding Pieces

Shopping at an estate sale or 2nd hand store for your wedding dress is sometimes long process, but it can be done. I photographed a bride recently who spent a few weekends at vintage shops in Denver to find her wedding dress. Once she had a dress she liked, she worked with a talented family tailor to modify the dress to her exact liking. Not only was it environmentally friendly to do this—it made her attire one of a kind.

Don’t Pop the Cork (too far)

Photo by Nick Sparks

Let’s face it– most of the time it is almost impossible to find champagne corks. Instead of popping your champagne cork as far as possible, have your partner pop it in a way that doesn’t cause litter. It can be especially problematic if you are getting married out in nature. Option 1: tie a piece of string to the cork, so it stays on when popped. Option 2: grip the cork from the top and pull it off quickly while keeping it in your hand.

Digital Wedding Invitations

You can still make your wedding invitations look great– even if they are digital. Opt to have a graphic designer create a digital pdf invitation. I’ve also had a couple whom had a friend create a custom wedding website with an RSVP form built in. Save the paper, ink and shipping waste!

Buy Local 

Look for wedding vendors that get their supplies locally. For instance, if your florist grows their flowers themselves or sources from local gardens, it greatly reduces the environmental impact. Locally sourced beer and food can also cut down on carbon emissions. We often do not consider the carbon footprint that comes with shipping items across the country. I know Colorado has plenty of breweries to choose from!

Opt for a Smaller Wedding

Photo by Nick Sparks

Lately, many people are opting for micro weddings. These weddings have between 10-30 people and require fewer resources than bigger ones.

Be Picky 

Photo by Nick Sparks

Take time to really think about the most important details and stick to just them. Three high impact statement details can often be better than the cost of details prices that weren’t as intentional.

Buy a Carbon Offset

Photo by Nick Sparks

If some of these tips are not able to be practiced at your wedding, there are programs to offset your footprint. Some of the best ones buy and plant trees for you. You can do your best to calculate your footprint and buy an offset that’s equal to your wedding footprint.

Denver Wedding Photographer  Nick Sparks

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