Osnaeley + Austin

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Osnaeley + Austin

Story + Photos by Andrea Enger

Osnaeley says, “I fell in love with Austin for the first time when I saw how well he got along with my family—and how much he made me laugh. We were automatically best friends, and it was just a connection unlike any relationship I have ever had. Nobody compared to him.”

Austin felt the same heart tug during that fateful visit when he got to meet her family and see her childhood bedroom. “I just really knew I loved her at that point, even though we hadn’t said it out loud yet.”

They met at a mutual friend’s house while they were still in high school. Osnaeley liked Austin’s long, curly hair and the fact he was wearing sneakers instead of cowboy boots. For Austin, it was “love at first sight.” He was smitten by her beauty and her sense of humor. But he forgot to ask for her phone number! Facebook came in to save the young couple from never seeing each other again—she messaged him. “So it all worked out great,” he said.

Their proposal story is just as sweet. They had been together for nearly ten years. Then their adorable daughter came along, and “things became very, very real.” Her arrival brought them even closer together, and they knew they wanted to make their love official. “While on a family trip in Florida, Austin decided to propose to me at Rainbow Springs National Park in front of my family and our baby. He was so sweet. Afterwards, we went kayaking and snorkeling on the clear river.”

Osnaeley loves Austin’s sense of loyalty and his smile. Austin says his bride is the strongest person he knows; she keeps him grounded and always moving forward.

How It’s Going:

I absolutely loved working with Osnaeley and Austin on their elopement this summer in Crested Butte. It was a bit chilly on the morning of July 7, 2021, when I met them at their Airbnb before the sunrise vow-reading and first look portraits. It had rained, but then everything was green with beautiful wildflowers peeking through—a typical summer day in Crested Butte.

Osnaeley and Austin invited their family to the ceremony on a gorgeous mountain lake. The day turned out to be lovely, filled with sunshine, and we took more portraits of them at the lakeside. Soon it was time to head back to the Airbnb with plans to meet later for their first dance, speeches, toasts, and cake-cutting. The whole family was there, and the father and daughter dance was wonderful. I recorded so many great memories of their sweet dance together.

I also captured some superb sunset portraits. I hope you enjoy them! All in all, a perfectly warm, sunny day for an elopement. Summer in Crested Butte is a constant celebration.

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